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Black Beacon Waterproof Rain BLACK-0104 Regnställ

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169 EURO
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High Quality Construction - Crafted from the highest quality materials this suit is incredible value for money

Adjustable Cuffs - Elasticated, adjustable cuffs prevent any unwanted water sneaking up your sleeves

Leg-taper mechanism - Easily pull the bottom of each leg in to the contours of your body to achieve a more personalised fit

Be safe, be seen - Reflective strips have been strategically placed across the back, chest and down the arms and legs to ensure you are as safe as possible at all times

Fleece Lined Collar - The Beacon's fleece-lined comfort collar will keep you cosy and warm on those longer rides

Easy access - The ergonomically styled, three-quarter length zip has been carefully crafted to sit at a slight angle on the suit, allowing you get into your Beacon easier than ever before

Zip Cover - Another great feature; the zip can be fully covered with an extra panel and secured by Velcro, deflecting water away from key areas

Quick release locking buckles - The quick release locking buckle, extra-strong nylon strap and elasticated waist will keep the Beacon suit nice and snug around your waist

Easy storage - A small storage bag is included with the Beacon, ideal for placing under a seat or inside a backpack when the jacket is not in use
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